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eSentire is an authority and thought leader in Managed Detection and Response. With over 2000+ global partners across 35 industries– their 24/7 protection blocks cybercriminals before disruption happens.

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At Avexon Security, our partners are critical to our customers’ success. Our highly architected security solutions take a holistic approach, identifying systemic vulnerabilities, correcting them, and solidifying your infrastructure to prevent future disruption. Putting the success and growth of your company first is our bottom line.

As the attack surface grows with migration to fully-digital environments, security teams are dealing with unprecedented complexity in their security processes. With a steady stream of security products and services, it’s become increasingly easy for misconfigurations, missteps, and holes to develop during repetitive implementation.

According to Statista, “global cybercrime costs are predicted to grow by 23% per year, reaching $23.84 trillion annually by 2027.” 

So, we’ve made it our job to highlight the most effective partners with flexible solutions that allow your business to adapt to the growing complexity while remaining fortified and protected at all angles. 

Nearly 70% of organizations reported a labor shortage for their security team. Security teams are dealing with more security assets now than ever before while also being understaffed. 

What does this mean?

Comprehensive security solutions are desperately needed to save time and money and increase productivity in other areas. An agile, proactive security solution is invaluable.

If you’re a CIO, CISO, IT Manager, or Director…

eSentire is an authority and thought leader in Managed Detection and Response. With over 2000+ global partners across 35 industries– their 24/7 protection blocks cybercriminals before disruption happens. 


With a Threat Response Team, Elite Threat Hunters, and 24/7 SOC Cyber Analysts, they build resilience into your security operations.

How are they different from other players in their space?

To respond to evolving cybercrimes, you need complete visibility and coverage of your cybersecurity surface. eSentire takes a multi-signal approach to its MDR program. 


Patented Machine Learning models and AI applications filter irrelevant data, ensuring it’s identifying true threats in real time. Atlas XDR platform’s automated defense blocks nefarious IOCs and IPs known to them over 3 million times a day– freeing up time for our security teams to focus on higher-priority threats.


eSentire’s Atlas XDR program equips cybersecurity experts with the tools they need to investigate threats and perform manual containment– in an average of 15 minutes.

Threats are handled in real-time.

Their 24/7 updated portal allows your team to see the health of your organization, the threats combatted, and how they mitigated them. These resources allow teams to understand how eSentire is protecting your organization and how your threat environment compares to your peers. Transparency is their prerogative.

“This ability to rapidly learn and work at cloud scale, combined with expert human actions, stops breaches and reduces customer risk in ways unattainable by legacy security products, traditional MSSPs, and other MDR providers.” – eSentire

Why we recommend eSentire.

Being an authority in MDR is far from the extent of eSentire’s benefits. Some of the most impressive benefits we’ve found are:

Personalized service and expertise are hard to come by, let alone giving full transparency on your threat environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your MDR program and move toward a multi-layered, personalized security strategy that doesn’t further extend your security team’s resources, we highly suggest eSentire as your next partner. 


Whether you’re expanding your network solutions or looking to replace an old, outdated system, eSentire’s MDR platform should be at the top of your list. 

Interested in seeing their platform in action? Reach out to Tom Barnes, to request a demo.

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