Pushing the Boundaries of Cybersecurity

Avexon Security is honored to work with transformative cybersecurity vendors who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of threat detection, response, and management. 

As the IoT (internet of things) continues to shift and expand, the need for real-time visibility and automated threat detection is more important now than ever. According to Statista, we’re looking at over 75 billion connected devices by 2025– an anti-virus software solution and other simple solutions won’t prevent today’s attacks.

As we move toward a predominantly digital landscape, threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread, making vulnerable networks sitting ducks– hackers are using malware, cryptocurrency, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and phishing in complex and evolving ways to breach your networks.


An agile, context driven security platform is necessary.


Understanding emergent threats and their evolving solutions is overwhelming. So, we’ve made it our mission to educate and provide resources to our customers before a breach takes place. 


Who is Sentinel One?

A leading Cybersecurity company, SentinelOne is most known for their ability to push the boundaries of autonomous technology. Their Singularity Platform defends against cyberattacks quickly, efficiently, and at scale using AI-powered intervention, detection and response. 

According to Sentinel One, “Singularity™ sets the standard for modern security platforms with unparalleled visibility of what’s on your network and enterprise-grade automation & control. Rich AI models enable every endpoint and cloud workload to autonomously prevent, detect, and recover from threats in real time.”

Not only that, but Sentinel One was the only vendor to receive top rankings in every Gartner Critical Capabilities use case.  


How are they different from other players in their space?

From an endpoint perspective, SentinelOne has one solution that covers both the EDR use case and replaces the traditional AV to give customers better prevention capabilities. Donning a more inclusive approach with endpoint protection, cloud, and identity solutions, their platform secures your network at all angles. React and response is mitigated by innovation. 

Customers can extend their products and services across the entire enterprise using their Singularity XDR applications. With this evolution of EDR, protection can be extended from endpoint to beyond. 

According to SentinelOne, “Gartner Hype CycleTM for Security Operations, 2022, XDR is at peak market interest, promising to deliver significant security visibility and response improvements to threat exposures.”

Why We Love SentinelOne

SentinelOne has been at the forefront of endpoint security for years. And, with their innovative Singularity Platform, they’ve included identity and cloud services reducing the cyber threat posture of your organization from all directions.


Some of the reasons we love SentinelOne are:

  • More than just endpoint
  • High efficacy rate
  • East of administration
  • Amazing customer support
  • Works with a variety of MDR providers
  • Seamless integration with other security tools

Whether you’re expanding your network solutions or looking to replace an old, outdated system, SentinelOne’s Singularity Platform should be at the top of your list. 

Interested in seeing their platform in action? Reach out to Tom Barnes, to request a demo.



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